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We buy all seasons all the time

1. We don't pay based on our needs.  

2. We pay the same in December for a swimsuit as we would in June. 

3. We don't just say we buy ALL SEASONS all the time, we really do!  

We buy toys and equipment!
We love toys at Re-Kid and welcome your children to come in and play with them while you shop.  We buy toys from puzzles to outdoor swing sets, just make sure they have all of their original parts and are in good working order.  We also love equipment that has to do with children.  Again equipment needs to have all of it's original parts and be in good working order.

We buy clothing!
We like our clothing to be freshly laundered and free of any rips or spotting.  We prefer mall brands or better, just like kids do too.  Babies seem to have more clothes than anyone in the house, so we are careful on the items we take in these sizes.

What we don't buy.

We are concerned with the safety of your children and will never buy anything that has a safety recall or used car seats. 

There are a few other items that don't make the cut for Re-Kid.  They are underclothing, mouth toys, toy weapons, generic stuffed animals, pop up books, some lower brands such as Garanimals and breast pumps.

We buy all seasons

all year!

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